The Virtual Closing, Keeping Things Simple

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the settlement company® is working to keep things moving on your Mexican property purchase in spite of the pandemic!!

Once you have selected that great property in Mexico, and you and your agent have negotiated a successful offer,  what is next?

How can you be sure that you are going to have a title to the property, and that it will be done properly? 

Especially in these days of restricted travel?

In any country a real estate closing requires a thorough review of the title documents, the property tax payments, the liens on the property.  If there are liens, if property taxes have not been paid, these must be taken care of and paid prior to transfer of title.

If the property is residential and is located in the “restricted” zone, a permit for a Mexican bank trust must be obtained, or arrangements made for assignment of the existing trust.   A thorough review of the trust document is required in order to determine which is best in each case.

A major benefit of buying property through the Mexican bank trust is that you can name beneficiaries to succeed you upon your death.   Naturally this selection needs to be done carefully so your instructions are clear and not subject to misinterpretation.   Another important item:  is property to be taken in joint tenancy or tenancy in common?  The words have to be correct and understanding complete in your deed.

We can do all of this, and more! through the Virtual Closing®!!

No one meets personally, but the work is accomplished.

The world is progressing………… and so is The Settlement Company®!

When we opened our doors in 1991, we bought the best equipment available…..286 pcs…..servers and Yardi System Multiple Listing program was the first in the country to have pcs talking to one another.

Things have changed!  The world is progressing!!!

Taking a hard look at our core service… closings, title insurance, payments of taxes on rental income and consultations.  We find we have absolutely no need to waste the buyer’s and seller’s time in personal meetings.  All we need are executed documents and we can process them from anywhere; appraisals and registrations are the ONLY local activity, and those tasks are fairly simply performed through our network of agents.

Were you planning to come to sign your deed?   No need!   we can prepare a power of attorney for you to execute at your US or Canadian home, and we can take care of everything else!

And we provide you with better and more efficient service which translates to savings and benefits for YOU. our valued client.

If you have a problem or need special services please e-mail us.   We will respond within 24 hours!

If you’ve used our services before, we’d like for you to see how we have improved-

If you haven’t used our services before; We’d like for you to give us a try! 

We were the first! We believe we are the best!  We look forward to working with you!  through our Virtual Closing® program!

 The Settlement Company®

your safety net  with almost 30 years of service to the Mexican real estate community.

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  1. 2nd request – I have a house under contract but don’t have bank accounts in Mexico. Would like to find out about arranging for Escrow for closing. Thanks.

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