Why Use Us

~ To compensate for differences in language
~ To ensure professionalism and integrity in your transaction
~ To overcome geographic distances for Buyer and Seller
~ To protect your investment by obtaining the best services
~ To avoid unnecessary litigation or problems

Buying and Selling real estate in Mexico is a complex process, even though many people hoping to earn a few centavos or dollars may say, “No Hay Problema!” (there is no problem!) or “I have a friend in the system”.

When you hear these words your problems may just be beginning!

The Closing of real property in Mexico today can become very time-consuming and expensive. All too often, the transfer is clouded by the performance of redundant, duplicative and extreme paper-based procedures. About 40 to 50% of the closing period can be spent through “fixing” mistakes and errors found in documents.

At The Settlement Company, you’ll have access to more information and be able to get answers to your questions during the process. We try to help our clients have a better understanding of the procedures and to obtain value for their money.